System x Emulex VFA5.2 2x10 GbE SFP+ PCIe Adapter

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The Emulex Virtual Fabric Adapter 5 Generation 2 (VFA5.2) Network Adapter Family, which includes the OCe14104B-NX 10 GbE adapter builds on the foundation of the previous generation of Emulex VFA5 adapters by delivering performance enhancements, including RoCE v2 support and management enhancements with improved support for Lenovo XClarity.

Adapter specifications:
•Dual-channel 10 Gbps Ethernet controller
•Based on the Emulex XE102-P2 ASIC
•PCI Express 3.0 host interface
•Line-rate 10 GbE performance
•2 SFP+ empty cages to support either SFP+ SR or twin-ax copper connections ?SFP+ SR link is with the SFP+ SR optical module with LC connectors.
?SFP+ twin-ax copper link is with the SFP+ direct attached copper module/cable.

•Power dissipation: 14.4 W typical
•Form factor: ?Mezzanine LOM (ML2) form factor (adapters 00AG560 and 01CV770)
?PCIe low-profile form factor (adapters 00AG570 and 00AG580)
?PCIe full-height half-length adapter (7ZT7A00493)

Virtualization features
•Virtual Fabric support: ?Virtual Fabric mode (vNIC1)
?Switch Independent mode (vNIC2)
?Unified Fabric Port (UFP) support

•Four NIC partitions per adapter port
•Complies with PCI-SIG specification for SR-IOV
•VXLAN/NVGRE encapsulation and offload
•PCI-SIG Address Translation Service (ATS) v1.0
•Virtual Switch Port Mirroring for Diagnostic purposes
•Virtual Ethernet Bridge (VEB)
•62 Virtual functions (VF)
•QoS for controlling and monitoring bandwidth that is assigned to and used by virtual entities
•Traffic shaping and QoS across each virtual function (VF) and physical function (PF)
•Message Signal Interrupts (MSI-X) support
•VMware NetQue / VMQ support
•Microsoft VMQ & Dynamic VMQ support in Hyper-V

Ethernet and NIC features
•NDIS 5.2, 6.0, and 6.2 compliant Ethernet functionality
•IPv4/IPv6 TCP, UDP, and Checksum Offload
•IPv4/IPv6 TCP, UDP Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
•IPv4/IPv6 Large Send Offload (LSO)
•Programmable MAC addresses
•128 MAC/vLAN addresses per port
•Support for HASH-based broadcast frame filters per port
•vLAN insertion and extraction
•9216 byte Jumbo frame support
•Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
•Filters: MAC and vLAN

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA):
•Direct data placement in application buffers without processor intervention
•Supports RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCE) specifications ?Supports RoCE v2 by replacing RoCE over IP with RoCE over UDP
?20% more RoCE Queue Pairs compared to VFA5
?16K RoCE Memory Regions (VFA5 offers 8K)

•Linux Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) Support
•Low latency queues for small packet sends and receives
•Local interprocess communication option by internal VEB switch
•TCP/IP Stack By-Pass

Data Center Bridging / Converged Enhanced Ethernet (DCB/CEE):
•Hardware Offloads of Ethernet TCP/IP
•802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control (PFC)
•802.1 Qaz Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)
•802.1 Qaz Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX)

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) offload (included with 00AG580 and 01CV770; optional via a Features on Demand upgrade for 00AG570 and 00AG560):
•Hardware offloads of Ethernet TCP/IP
•ANSI T11 FC-BB-5 Support
•Programmable Worldwide Name (WWN)
•Support for FIP and FCoE Ether Types
•Supports up to 255 NPIV Interfaces per port
•FCoE Initiator
•Common driver for Emulex Universal CNA and Fibre Channel HBAs
•255 N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) interfaces per port
•Fabric Provided MAC Addressing (FPMA) support
•Up to 4096 concurrent port logins (RPIs) per port
•Up to 2048 active exchanges (XRIs) per port

iSCSI offload (included with 00AG580 and 01CV770; optional via a Features on Demand upgrade for 00AG570 and 00AG560):
•Full iSCSI Protocol Offload
•Header, Data Digest (CRC), and PDU
•Direct data placement of SCSI data
•2048 Offloaded iSCSI connections
•iSCSI initiator and concurrent initiator /target modes
•Multipath I/O
•OS-neutral INT13 based iSCSIboot and iSCSI crash memory dump support
•RFC 4171 Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS)

The following IEEE standards are supported:
•802.3-2008 10Gbase Ethernet port
•802.1Q vLAN
•802.3x Flow Control with pause Frames
•802.1 Qbg Edge Virtual Bridging
•802.1Qaz Enhanced transmission Selection (ETS) Data Center Bridging Capability (DCBX)
•802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control
•802.3ad link Aggregation/LACP
•802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol
•802.3ae (SR Optics)
•802.3p (Priority of Service)
•1588 Time Synchronization Support (802.1as)
•IPV4 (RFC 791)
•IPV6 (RFC 2460)

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